Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Right to Be Christian In a Gay Rights America

The Right to Be Christian In a Gay Rights America (released 07.31.18) is a Christian apologetic work that gives Christians the tools they need to defend their faith when it comes to the issue of homosexuality and takes the position that a Christian's non-endorsement of the gay lifestyle is a question of faith and religion, not of "homophobia" and bigotry. The book is not intended to castigate gays or to inflame emotions but rather to present a convincing argument as to why many Christians believe they cannot approve of, support, and/or participate in the affirmation of homosexuality and why they should not be coerced into doing so. Tolerance is one thing, but support is another, and the line between the two has been blurred in American society at the expense of Christians and in favor of those who approve of and support homosexuality.

While the main focus of most books on either side of this issue is whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong from a biblical standpoint, this book focuses primarily on the injustice of persecuting Christians who believe that the Bible says homosexuality is wrong and therefore do not support the gay lifestyle. The book presents arguments that support the position that it is reasonable, when taking into account the Scriptures that address this issue, for Christians to believe that homosexuality is immoral and that it is therefore a violation of their constitutional rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech if forced to go against those beliefs or if persecuted for upholding them. 

The book  begins with a Preface and Introduction that includes a definition of terms and then presents the following seven chapters: 

  • Chapter one: Sex is a Privilege not an Entitlement
  • Chapter two: The Scriptural Arguments: a Detailed Look
  • Chapter three: Popular Gay Affirming Arguments
  • Chapter four: "But...I was Born this Way"
  • Chapter five: The Gay Christian: An Oxymoron or a Reality?
  • Chapter six: Red Herrings: The Art of Blocking and Diverting
  • Chapter seven: Forced to Choose: Is it a Question of Bigotry or Persecution?
An Epilogue is provided along with an Appendix, the latter of which documents what Christians believe and why. 

The Right to Be Christian In a Gay Rights America is available wherever books are sold including Barnes and Noble Stores and is also available online including and The links to both online resources are provided below. 

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